Book Club: February 2021: Sunrise Gratitude – Emily Silva

This blog post is going to be a quick review of the above book along with the introduction to my monthly book club, free for anyone to join in. Just post in the comments and we can get discussing. First off I would like to introduce this book – Sunrise Gratitude by Emily Silva.. NowContinue reading “Book Club: February 2021: Sunrise Gratitude – Emily Silva”

Don’t Forget To Destress After Christmas

Ok, Ok, So we have already talked a lot about de-stressing and staying stress free, but now really is the time you need to focus on you, so this will be the last de-stress post for a while I promise, just remember to take some time for you!!! Christmas can be a highly stressful timeContinue reading “Don’t Forget To Destress After Christmas”

Staying Stress Free This Christmas: YOU TIME

It’s very easy at Christmas and through December to think and do for others, whilst completely forgetting we exist. Our mental health and physical health can decline and by January we are feeling fraught, do we relax, no, we are usually embarking on some high pressure and stressful goal. This year I implore you toContinue reading “Staying Stress Free This Christmas: YOU TIME”