Working From Home? 5 Tips To Keep You Healthy At Home

Working from home can be a difficult task, staying motivated to work and not slouch off to the couch to watch TV or throw a few chores into our day, but somehow lot’s of people manage to motivate themselves on a daily basis! You go! Today I want to look at staying healthy whilst workingContinue reading “Working From Home? 5 Tips To Keep You Healthy At Home”

Mar’s Bar Inspired Stuffed Dates – Vegan Snack

This video is my healthy take on a Mar’s bar, these cheeky little treats will have you singing for the rooftops, they are vegan, packed with amazing nutrients and diet-friendly. I love making up a batch for the week and keeping them in an airtight container in my fridge. If you want some amazing stuffedContinue reading “Mar’s Bar Inspired Stuffed Dates – Vegan Snack”

16 Healthy Ways To Spend Christmas Eve

Yeyyyyyy!!! We have made it to Christmas Eve!! One more sleep until feasting and fun! Pigs in blankets, turkey, potatoes, lashings of gravy and as much chocolate as you can handle! With all this good stuff coming your way some of you may want to spend Christmas Eve being a complete health goddess! I wouldn’tContinue reading “16 Healthy Ways To Spend Christmas Eve”

My Super Healthy Vegan Christmas Energy Balls

I love Christmas and the season of eating I also love trying out new and healthy recipes to help keep the enjoyment up and the pounds off. I am going to share with you my favourite Christmas Energy Balls recipe, these little delights are fun, nutritionally dense and better yet super yummy!!! The best thingContinue reading “My Super Healthy Vegan Christmas Energy Balls”

How To Stay Healthy This Christmas

Christmas is the time of year the pounds just pile on, its winter and cold and the thought of comfort food seems far more appealing now than it ever did, we don’t have to get our summer bods out so why not ey? Let’s indulge in some mince pies, eat extra portions of food, sneakContinue reading “How To Stay Healthy This Christmas”