Don’t Forget To Destress After Christmas

Ok, Ok, So we have already talked a lot about de-stressing and staying stress free, but now really is the time you need to focus on you, so this will be the last de-stress post for a while I promise, just remember to take some time for you!!! Christmas can be a highly stressful timeContinue reading “Don’t Forget To Destress After Christmas”

16 Healthy Ways To Spend Christmas Eve

Yeyyyyyy!!! We have made it to Christmas Eve!! One more sleep until feasting and fun! Pigs in blankets, turkey, potatoes, lashings of gravy and as much chocolate as you can handle! With all this good stuff coming your way some of you may want to spend Christmas Eve being a complete health goddess! I wouldn’tContinue reading “16 Healthy Ways To Spend Christmas Eve”