Do You Need A Morning Routine?

The ever sought after morning routine, filled with relaxation, self-reflection, wholesome exercise, reading and anything else you can fit into your morning to make you a better version of you. The pursuit of the perfection morning routine see’s us disregarding who we are, see’s us painfully getting up at an obscene hour of the morningContinue reading “Do You Need A Morning Routine?”

Yoga Teacher Training Course Requirements

So, this is a quick blog, I wanted to share with you the requirements of my course and where I am going to start. The requirements for my yoga teacher training course: “We ask for a minimum of 3 years regular and consistent yoga practice, preferably through class attendance. You will also require a regularContinue reading “Yoga Teacher Training Course Requirements”

Top 4 Self-Care Goals You Can Set Today

Self-care should be a priority, we need to ensure our mental and physical well-being is looked after, if we are in tip-top condition then looking after others becomes easier, or simply life looks a little brighter. Here are my favourite self-care goals anyone can set and start to practice today. Practice self-care.  It’s wonderful toContinue reading “Top 4 Self-Care Goals You Can Set Today”