A Little Bit About Me

So just a little bit about myself…

I am weird, happy, positive and loved by others and importantly myself, don’t get me wrong that doesn’t always mean I look in a mirror and see my perfect mirror image, it doesn’t always mean a day without feeling anger or sorrow, what it means is I am 90% happy and positive, and the other 10%? Well, I have acquired and built up my positivity toolkit to help ease me through those times.

I wanted to share my toolkit with the world, I want everyone to wake up and feel love and positivity and if not have those tools to help them back to smiles and warmth.

I also love yoga and I am on my very own yogi journey, I am on the pathway to becoming a yoga teacher, I am not at the point where I feel ready to enrol onto my course but I am getting there, so I wanted to bring a little bit of yoga to my blog too, as it is a major part of my life.

Coffee is my goddess, reading, walking, gardening, crafting, creating and writing are my lifelong hobbies and loves, I have a strong yearning to learn and teach, and I love a lazy Sunday morning with my husband, I always feel so warm, content, happy and loved when I am with him, he is my moon, my earth and my sun and I feel truly blessed to have found my soulmate, our relationship hasn’t been the easiest journey, we have had lots of trials and tribulations, but we have come through the other side and have never been strong or more in love. 

I am incredibly spiritual and consider myself a Buddhist, I am open to concepts from across the globe, my guilty pleasure is watching programmes about ghosts, yes I believe in ghosts, and whilst you may not, that’s ok because life would be Borgnine if we all believed in the same thing.

We are all on our own paths and I cannot wait to share, experience and learn with you, so have an amazing day and I hope to see you again soon.

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