New Direction: Anything Goes


Finally! I am back, I have been away for a little while, I just needed some time to figure some stuff out! You see, for me I get hooked on something, go full throttle, feel like I cannot cope and move on to the next thing, I do this thinking the thing I got caught up on was the problem, as opposed to my incredibly intense nature around a new thing!

The reason I am posting this is that I got caught up in all things yoga, I needed a break from yoga and thought my blog was only about yoga. I needed some time to actually sit, think and do nothing. This whole process has been incredibly eye-opening. I have discovered I am incredibly intuitive, I eat intuitively, I workout intuitively and I live my life intuitively. Whilst I have bouts of intenseness, overall I am incredibly well-balanced.

Now, this got me thinking about my blog and my YouTube channel, I want my YouTube channel to be about living intuitively, I think it’s a great way to live, not counting calories, not stressing about missing a workout and going with the flow. I want to share this message and hopefully help someone let go of rules and rigidity a little bit. 

My blog, on the other hand, is to be about whatever, no set anything, if I have a great recipe then I will post that, if I have had an epiphany then I will quote that, if I am using an amazing product then I will write a review about that. I feel this is more to my nature and I am very excited about this.

Well, that was a quick post just to let you know where this is up to, I will post a super quick recipe in two shakes of a lamb’s tail 🙂 just so I don’t post one of these new direction posts and then do nothing for months (sorry about that last post hehe!)

Hope to see you soon,

Have an amazing day!

Me xxx

Published by empowerviahealth

I believe in the empowerment of women through looking after the mind, body, and spirit. I am an advocate for pushing equality, women's rights, and choice for all women! Together we are stronger, together we can change the world!

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