What To Do When It Rains Outside

Living in the North West of England I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to rain outside, it’s a little harder to deal with in the winter, not only is it wet and windy, but its also biting cold! Not great! This is, for me, hibernation season. It’s a great time to get through a lot of tasks, to self-love and generally look after myself in a different way. So here is my list of great things to do when it rains!!! HURRAH…I think? 🙂

Spring Clean

I love a good spring cleaning session and when it’s raining outside it’s the perfect time to get something like this done. I love to sort out things I would never usually sort out like; make up and beauty products, wardrobe, taking everything out of my kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer and the all famous shit draw

Get Organised

This is a little different to a spring clean, instead of sorting through years of crap you can use this time to organise your life, why not get your journal out and input important dates, schedule in your workout plan, organise next weeks meal plan and shopping list, write a few lists out from goals to things you would love to buy, organise and review goals, from your New Years Resolution to your 5 year goal, start a CPD

Have A Dance Party

This one is simple enough, pop some music on and dance around

Discover A New YouTube Channel

Why not check out some new YouTube channels, try Googling top YouTubes this year, or check out channels in an area you’re interested in, or even start typing a sentence into the search bar and see what comes up i.e. how to… you will be amazed what will come up

Learn Something New

This is a great opportunity to learn something you have always wanted to learn, why not start a new language, try your hand at DIY, learn a new skill set, or even just some new knowledge like human biology. There are plenty of YouTube channels you can learn from for free or you can check out a free trial on a monthly subscription channel like Skill Share or Linkedin Learning. You can even just buy a course from places like Udemy.

Cook A 3 Course Meal

I love using the rain as a time to learn a new skill in the kitchen, or cook a meal I would love to cook but never usually have the time to do so, I love to get elaborate and cook a three course meal, its a great time to sit down and share the meal with the family, or better yet get them involved in the cook off

Bake & Decorate An Elaborate Cake

Ever wondered what it would be like to be on the Great British Bake Off? Well, why not give yourself a trail run, you can have as much fun with this as you like, you can set yourself a challenge to create a specific cake, ask a family member to set you a challenge, try going big, or trying dainty French pastries, there is so much you could do and you can have a lot of fun doing it

Pamper Day

This is a firm favourite of mine, when I have a little time I like to use it relaxing, I am very busy working full time, project managing an extension, developing a blog and a YouTube channel, though the last two are more like passion projects for me. When I have a day spare to myself I love to just pop a face mask on, do my nails and watch some telly with a lovely cup of tea! Perfection!

Read A Book

Books are amazing, they are a wonderful place to escape, why not create a book bucket list and tick one off that day, or read an old favourite, go online and discover a new author, go to your bookcase and pickup a book you have bought but not had time to read, then make yourself some nice tea or coffee, grab a blanket and find a favourite place to sit and read

Flick Through Your Cook Books

I love just sitting and flicking through cookbooks, I do this for inspiration and rarely if ever follow a recipe, I just love creating too much, I think you understand more about food and ingredients when you play around with them. Sitting and looking at beautiful pictures of food always inspires me, why not let it inspire you

Meditate & Yoga

In need of a little session of mind calming wonderfulness! A good session of yoga followed by some meditation can really help to calm and ease the mind and the body and also sooth the soul, the two practices really do pair well together, opening yourself up to them and their many benefits is an automatic plus

Get In Touch With A Friend

During this lockdown and this year and a bit I have noticed my friendships have suffered a lot, I haven’t seen my friends for a year and whilst we keep in touch it’s not quite to the same extent. I am not surprised, every conversation at the moment seems the same “Hi, what you up to this weekend” “Nothing much, you?” “Same, nothing much” ermmmmmm!!! Right! You see where I am going. So why not rekindle a friendship, or even go online and find a friend you haven’t spoken to for years.

Find A Pen Pal From A Distant Land

There are lots of sites dedicated to finding a pen pal, why not give it a whirl, having friends in distant lands is great, you can also use it as an excuse to learn a new language or dust off an old one

Spend Some Quality Family Time

This is my favourite suggestion, when it rains outside my husband and I love to sit on our “stoop” (it isn’t a stoop, we just call it the stoop), take in the rain with a glass of whisky and a deck of cards, chit chatting, laughing and having fun. I cherish these kinds of days, whilst you don’t have to get the whisky and cards out you can do plenty of other things like card playing, board games, movie night, cook offs, games like hide and seek


Ever fancied writing something? A blog, a book, a screenplay, why not sit down and give it a whirl, check out blogs and YouTube channels on ways to get started and just give it a go, you may be surprised with your natural talent, or just your love of doing it

Find A New Hobby

There are plenty of hobbies out there and when it rains is the perfect time to find one. Last time it rained I found how much I loved to edit videos, plan videos and create, on the one before that I rekindled a love of writing, and on a rainy days years ago I found my passion for cooking. There are so many hobbies out there, Google lists, try a few, have some fun with it

Discover A New TV Show

I love watching the telly, whether its a binge-worthy TV show or a great movie, i just love sitting down and mindlessly taking in the fake lives of those on the screen, my husband also loves the telly, so it’s a great time for us to spend together, cuddling on the sofa. A few good suggestions for some TV shows are; Kobra Kai – this is basically the Karate Kid 20 years on and it’s truly brilliant, its funny, sharp and changes for opinion on the original “bad guy” Another great suggestion is Money Heist – it sends you on a whirlwind of emotions, it’s an intense watch. Movies – a few firm favourites of mine are; Limitless, Inception, Any Starwars, Tenent, The Old Guard

Get Crafting

Use this as a time to get crafting, from knitting to sewing, or trying out a new skill like making a bracelet, why not try making your own beauty products, or even upcycling, find something in your wardrobe or home you where going to take to a charity shop and try upcycling it and see what happens

Well those are a few things to get you started, I hope you have fun trying some, what do you love to do when it rains outside? I would love to know in the comments below.

In the meantime have an amazing day

Love Me xxx

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I believe in the empowerment of women through looking after the mind, body, and spirit. I am an advocate for pushing equality, women's rights, and choice for all women! Together we are stronger, together we can change the world!

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