Working From Home? 5 Tips To Keep You Healthy At Home

Working from home can be a difficult task, staying motivated to work and not slouch off to the couch to watch TV or throw a few chores into our day, but somehow lot’s of people manage to motivate themselves on a daily basis! You go! Today I want to look at staying healthy whilst working from home, you have nailed the motivation to work, but now its time to nail your health.

Tip One: Split Your Spaces

For me this tip is key, you need to designate area’s and stick to their purpose. Have you ever tried to do a workout in the living room and found you have no motivation at all to do it? Think what you do in your living room, you relax unwind and watch the TV, when you walk into the living room your brain instantly thinks, right ok, relax time.

Our subconsciousness is great at getting us to do things we usually do, it’s why building habits is so important, a lot of the time we are preforming tasks without even actively thinking about them.

So my first tip really is key, designate your spaces, don’t try and make your living room, the place where you relax, your workout space, the two just clash. If you have the space to create a separate area to workout in, then great, create a gym. I am aware however, and I am in this boat too, not all of us can create a separate soley for working out. (I live in a studio apartment with my husband, so as you can imagine space really is challenging)

So, how do you create a space for working out, when space is a premium? This is simple , create zones, a zone for sleeping (your bedroom), a zone for relaxing (your TV area, and potentially your bathroom, I do love a good face mask), and a zone for working (think kitchen, hallways and office). Keep your relaxing and sleeping zones as they are. Concentrate on your working zones, how big are these spaces? Can you workout in them? Your workout’s don’t need to be elaborate, they don’t need tones of equipment, all you need is you. With that in mind, is there enough space in any of these zones to house your wonderful self? When I lived in my main house I actually worked out in the kitchen or the hallway, and I also for a time worked out in the office. I simply grabbed my laptop and played YouTube workout videos.

Tip Two: Keep Healthier Foods To Hand

This actually makes my life a lot easier, instead of trying to create complex healthy snacks, or having to cook every healthy meal/snack from scratch, or having to hunt out a bunch of healthy foods, by where I pass a tone of unhealthy and easy to eat snacks, I decided to switch this around. My unhealthy snacks are now not to hand, they are shoved in the back of a cupboard and I have healthy snacks all around. I have little jars of nuts and dried fruit I keep in my kitchen side. I have two crisper draws in my fridge, I have one for veggies and one for fruit, fruit is always easy to grab. I prep my veggies for the week at the weekend, so creating something healthy is very easy. My freezer is filled with pre-made healthy meals incase I cannot be bothered cooking, its also filled with frozen veggies so I can quickly and easily make something yummy.

I also have a few simply recipes in the back of my mind I know how to just whip up, and I also have healthy swaps in mind, i.e. quorn mince switched with any mince can keep fat down, minerals up and calories down.

Why not create a kitchen which is your personal health sanctuary, spend a weekend doing some prep work, buy containers and jars, organise your kitchen, it may seem like hard work now, but the payoff in the long run is brilliant. If you have a dedicated office space why not add a mini fridge, this way you can keep water and fruit, if you get hungry, but either cannot be bothered moving, so you just sit there getting hungrier, before you know it you snap and blackout eat everything in sight, or you just make grabbing the healthier option that bit easier.

Tip Three: Hydration Is Your Friend

This always crops up on these styles of lists for one reason in particular…it works, it’s vital to get right and it does so much for us without us even knowing, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It keeps us filled up, stops cravings and gives us energy. BOOM. enough said.

Tip Four: Do Not Buy Crap

This is nice and simple, when you go food shopping stay clear the aisles filled with crap, by bringing this into your home you are creating a situation where you have to make a decision, the decision to eat an apple or eat some crisps, as the day wears on our decision making abilities falter and we will eventually choose the crisps. Take this decision making away from yourself and DO NOT BUY CRAP.

Tip Five: Utilise Your Lunch Hour

I love this tip, a few of the guys and gal’s in work inform me they rarely take a lunch hour when working from home, to me this is incredibly wrong, you have a lunch hour for a reason, it reinvigorates you, its a set tome for you to get away from your desk and your project and come back in an hours time with a fresh mind and a fresh pair of eyes, so just from a working perspective you should always take a lunch hour.

Now you have started to take your lunch hours, what next? Well my friends, You can utilise this time, its free time! Why not use it wisely, you can do a workout, sometimes I don’t have the energy to workout when I get home from work, and sometimes I have to much to do in the mornings, so using a lunch hour is perfect.

If you have already workout out why not use it to prep a healthy tea, prep some veggies for the week ahead, create a healthy dinner. You could meditate or do some yoga. You can do so much with this lunch hour, think of it as your time to really implement some healthy changes in your life.

Well guys that’s my post for staying healthy whilst working from home, if I worked from home it is what I would do, I do implement a lot of this stuff anyways and it really is a huge help and makes a big difference.

Well I hope you enjoyed that read, do you work from home? If so what healthy tips do you have? I would love to hear from you. In the mean time have a great day

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2 thoughts on “Working From Home? 5 Tips To Keep You Healthy At Home

  1. Love all of these, and honestly I struggle with each one ๐Ÿ˜‚. What helps me out most is my morning habits of meditation and morning pages. 20 minute session followed by three fully hand written college-ruled notebook pages filled with ramblings really helps me feel calm and a little more aware.


    1. Hi Thestonzone, I love some morning meditation! I do this directly after yoga, it really does help to clear the mind doesn’t it! I think a journalling session is great too! Even if it is ramblings…better than keeping it in your head ๐Ÿ™‚

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