It’s All About Reflection Time – This Is Great For Helping To Achieve Those Goals

Hi Guys 

So, last but least in the New Year’s series, today we are talking about reflecting, this could be done as much or as little as you like, I like to have a little daily reflect, here I typically say what I am grateful for, what great things I have achieved that day and also what I would like to improve on for the next day. You can have a medium reflect every week, this allows you to hone in on your goals on a week by week basis which I find necessary at times. There is also a big monthly reflection. I go a little further into depth here and even look at setting goals, assessing the goals I made, if I completed them, if not why not, and then I bring this learning with me to the next month.

So let’s look at this a little deeper:

Daily Reflection

This doesn’t need to be some life altering three hour time to reflect, a quick 5-10 mins is all it takes. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself:

  1. What am I grateful for today? (I think it is important to start off with this, it can be something big or something small. For instance, I am grateful for the morning coffee I had, I am grateful for the fresh air and no rain whilst walking to work today, I am grateful for the good chit chat I had with my partner this evening. – You don’t need to be grateful for a page full of things, great if you are but 1-5 will really do here)
  2. What did I want to achieve today? (I remind myself of the goal for the day, I set a goal every morning, if your not that kind of person, you may have a to do list, or certain tasks you need to get done that day)
  3. Did I achieve my goal/task today. (A simple yes or no will do) 
  4. How did I achieve my goal? (It’s great smashing goals out of the park but by reflecting on how you did it will allow you to replicate for success)
  5. Why did I achieve this goal/task? (Reminding ourselves of the bigger objective here, and why we are on this journey will keep it at the forth front of our minds)
  6. Is there anything I want/would have done differently. (You may have achieved a goal or task, or even not achieved this, so this section allows you tweak your day for tomorrow)
  7. What do I want to achieve tomorrow? (Setting this objective allows us to know our days goal as soon as we wake up)

Weekly Reflection

Again this doesn’t need to be anything long or convoluted. A quick 10 mins is all it will need:

  1. What am I grateful for this week? 
  2. What did I want to achieve this week?
  3. Did I achieve my goal?
  4. How did I achieve it?
  5. What does this goal help towards?
  6. Is there anything I could or would have done differently.
  7. What are my goals for next week?

So as you can see the questions are the same as the daily reflection, but instead of looking at each day in depth, we are looking at the week as a whole. How did all these little days combine into your week. 

Monthly Reflection

This is a great time to put a little extra effort into your reflection. You will ask yourself the same questions as above, but think about your answers a lot more carefully. You can add some more here too like:

  1. Are there any patterns I have noticed this month which I can either replicate or tweak in order for next month to be more successful. 
  2. Do I need any extra help in terms of apps, information or help from others in order for me to achieve my goals.
  3. Did I find anything in particular difficult. Why was this difficult, can I levitate this in any way.
  4. Did I find anything easy? If so why.
  5. Do I feel overwhelmed in any way, what could be causing this, am I taking on too much, how do I reduce this stress.

Looking a little more closely each month can help us to see patterns, it can help us learn if we need to talk to someone, or if we need to reduce certain stresses.

To me, reflection is one of the greatest gifts we can give yourselves, why not even pop a face mask on or a hair mask and make this some real you time, tell people in the house you need this time so do not disturb you. I hope you do manage to reflect a little bit.

In the spirit of this post I will write a little reflective piece/ diary post at the end of each month so you can get some ideas, or hopefully just be inspired. This will take over my little ad hoc diary entries throughout the month.

What do you think about time to reflect? Would you give it a go? I would love to know what you thought if you did!!

Have an amazing week!


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