How To Make A Healthy Salad: Broccoli, Mango, Tuna & Black Beans: Perfect Lunch! ONLY 300 CALORIES

This video is my recipe for a super healthy and super yummy dinner, it’s filled with hearty, filling and clean ingredients and what’s more it’s incredibly easy to create. This salad takes less than 10 minutes to make, so it’s perfect for on the go, you can make it ahead and place in the fridge because it won’t wilt! Even better! You will enjoy this fresh, healthy and light lunch, just give it a try, at 300 calories you will be filled up and satisfied! WINNER!

Why not check out my short video here

Have you ever had raw broccoli before? How did you like it? Do you love mango as much as I do?? (Which is a lot by the way!!)


Ingredients – Serves 2

1 Whole Broccoli

1 Whole Mango

1 Tin of Tuna Chunks (You can have this in your choosing – Water, brine and oil)

1 Tin of Black Beans in Water

½ Lemon Squeezed (If you taste and want more lemon then please add)

4 tsp Tahini (plus extra if needed)

Salt & Pepper


Cut the florets off the broccoli stem – making sure you get as little of the stem as possible. Ensuring the florets are cut up into nice bite-sized chunks.

Cut up the mango and add to the salad.

Open the tuna and drain – add this to the salad.

Open the black beans and drain – add this to the salad.

Squeeze half a lemon into the salad – before to catch the pips.

Add the tahini, salt and pepper.

Now mix until everything is coated. If you need more tahini in order to coat all the ingredients then please add some more.

Have a taste and add more salt, pepper or lemon if needed. Remember this if your salad which you have to eat, if you like more lemon then add more lemon.

Now simply enjoy 🙂

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day to watch my video! I am eternally grateful and I would love to see you here again! I hope you have an amazing day! xxxx

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