Homemade BLT V Shop Bought BLT – Let’s Level Up

This is my level-up homemade BLT sandwich V a processed shop-bought BLT sandwich. Whilst the calories are similar (419 in my homemade and 424 in my shop-bought) my version not only tastes better but kicks cravings in the butt and satiates that need to eat a jar of salt we all sometime get. I have taken this healthy BLT sandwich up a notch by lovingly preparing the tomatoes and using bread and bacon which are a little extra special! No thick-cut bacon on those shop-bought sandwiches. You will never buy a shop-bought BLT butty again, if that wasn’t great enough because these tomatoes have had their moisture reduced in the oven you can make these joyful morsels in advance!

Why not check out my short video here:

Let me know in the comments below how much you love a BLT Sandwich and will you be making your own at home!!!!!

Recipe Serves: 2


2 tomatoes

4 slices of seeded bread

1 packet of bacon – I used thick-cut which contained 6 pieces

4 clicks of roman lettuce

1 tbsp garlic – This is the dealer’s choice – I love garlic so add a crapload! Use less if you want

Salt & Pepper

Sriracha – This will be dependant on your spice love/tolerance – This is to be used on the BLT itself and on the tomatoes before cooking

Butter/Margarine – This is optional to add – Sometimes I add it and sometimes I leave it off. My calorie count excludes this element. You can also swap this out for some mayonnaise.

Method Part One: Tomatoes

Slice tomatoes into quarters sideways – you want to create a slice of tomato and not a wedge of tomato

Place them in a dessert bowl and add salt and pepper to taste, all the garlic you wish to use and the sriracha – I used about 2 teaspoons

Mix with your fingers so all the tomato slices are well coated

Transfer these to a baking tray and scoop out the excess mixture and place on top of the tomatoes

Bake on slow for about 30 minutes to an hour – you want them to have baked out their moisture

Once baked take the tomato slices off the baking tray and place to one side ready for construction – you can serve these warm or cold and can also cook these a day or 2 in advance

Part Two: The Sandwich

Cook the bacon in the oven until the bacon is to your liking – We all like it differently! I love it so the fat on the bacon is nice and crispy!

Grab 2 pieces of bread add any mayonnaise at this point if you choose to add or swap it out. Add your sriracha too

Take your lettuce and cut off any undesirable ends, fold it in half and place on the bread – 2 clicks of lettuce per sandwich

Now add your tomatoes on top of the lettuce – halving them between each sandwich

Add on your bacon – Half the pack per sandwich – I had 6 slices of bacon so 3 slices per sandwich.

Now grab your last 2 slices of bread and if you decided to butter or margarine them then do so now

Once this has been done add them to the top of the sandwich

Now your butty is complete!! All you have to do now is enjoy

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day to watch my video! I am eternally grateful and I would love to see you here again! I hope you have an amazing day! xxxx

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