Using Crystals To Help Achieve Your Goals

Crystals are wonderful life-altering specimens of prettiness. If you allow this magical wonderment into your life they could change your world completely. I am a huge believer in the energy crystals give off. Different crystals give off different energies, depending on what your goal is will depend on the crystal you will use. This article will look into which crystals you will want to use in order to help you achieve your goals, whatever those goals may be. 


Crystals, like everything else, has an energy, we can harness this energy in order to help us in our day to day lives, whether you want protection, to find self-love or as we will discuss today whether you want to use crystals to help you achieve your goals. Below is a list of crystals and their purposes which are perfect for a little aid in helping you achieve those goals, whether they are eating healthier, starting a new life, or simply walking a little more:


This stone is a great place to start if your looking at achieving your goals, this stone is associated with the sacral chakra (represents movement and flow) and the solar plexus chakra (represents energy). This stone itself has a strong association with luck, good fortune and intuition. It also helps to alleviate fear and stress. More importantly, it helps to promote self-empowerment, enthusiasm and optimism. These are all properties you are going to need if you want to achieve your goals. Sometimes fear can hold us back from achieving something we want, I have been there many times and have actively self-sabotaged opportunities and my own hard work because I was not ready to overcome my fears. 

Rose Quartz

This stone may seem like an odd selection as it’s mainly associated with love but bear with me. Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra (represents moving love throughout your life). This crystal has strong associations with all kinds of love, from self-love to unconditional love. This crystal promotes inner-healing and peace. When we love ourselves and have inner-healing and peace we can be guided onto the path of truth. This truth will allow us to see if these goals we have set are really the goals we want to achieve. We may have set a goal to lose weight, this may be a goal we struggle with achieving, once we have found inner-peace and self-love we may realise this isn’t actually the goal we wanted to achieve, instead we wanted to treat our bodies with love and kindness and nourish it so it can be strong and vibrant. Once we know our true goals we can begin our true journey of accomplishment. 


This stone is associated with the base chakra (represents grounding) and heart chakra (represents moving love throughout your life). This stone is perfect for promoting energy, positivity and passion, everything you need to keep you going when trying to achieve your goals. Positivity is a strong tool to use, if we are positive about our goals and have the passion to achieve them it makes achieving them that much easier. This is a great stone to have alongside rose quartz and sunstone. Keep this stone close by in order to keep your passion alive, but also remember if your losing passion, positivity and energy towards your goal it could be this is not the right goal for you, really ask yourself is this what you truly want if the answer is no, you have not failed to reach your goal you have merely understood this is not what you want from your life, find something you do want and your true passion will have your back.

Once you have your crystals you will need to cleanse them thoroughly and then properly align them to your goals. You will need to do this regularly throughout the year to keep their energies in tip-top condition. Don’t worry this doesn’t take long!.

I hope these crystals help you in reaching your goals and I am also sending you all my love and positivity, all you need to do now is trust your heart and soul! I would love to know all about your goals, or if you have ever used crystals with helping you achieve something before!! Just let me know in the comments below, or drop me an email, I would love to hear from you!!




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