Tips To Keep You Motivated

When on our goal-achieving journey we can sometimes get a little unmotivated to carry on, I wanted to create a post filled with lots of motivational suggestions to help you stay on your path. Motivating ourselves is the hardest step, so hopefully, you find this post useful and gets you moving in the right direction 🙂 


During your journey of goal achievement, you may feel unmotivated, you will have those “ahhhhh, fuck it” moments, I know, I have had them too, and still do! Its human nature. It’s hard to stay on a path you have chosen, it is easy for old habits to slowly make their way back into our lives, and before we know it BOOM! We are right back to eating an entire share bag of cheesy balls…to ourselves!

I am writing this post so hopefully, when you are feeling like you need some guidance or a little motivation you can just look at the list below, I want you to stick to the goals you have made, you have not come all this way so far, and spent all that time setting out your plan to achieve your goals for nothing!! I have created a little motivational toolkit you can dip into should you need a little helping hand! So welcome to your motivation station!!!

Suggestion One: The mood board

This is a great one, it allows you to see visually what you are aiming for, you can add everything on here too, why you are doing this, visual representations of where you want to be in a years time. You can make the one, or even a few. Don’t worry you don’t have to be artistic, you can print stuff off, or cut things out of magazines, you can slowly add to this throughout the year, adding hints and tips as you go which makes achieving your goal a touch easier.

Suggestion Two: Keeping track

Keeping track is a great tool for motivation, you can see where you are going and where you have come from. You can see your improvements and also you can better plan the next stage of your journey. You can start to see where you’re struggling and learn how to overcome this. Keep track of as little or as much as you like, the world is your oyster.

Suggestion Three: Rewards

In THIS post I discussed in a little detail about how rewards are a great tool to keep you on your path, and it is worth a second mention here. Always say well done, if you lost a pound say well done, if you nailed 8 glasses of water that day, tell yourself well done. Even little perks or pick me ups go a long way, treat yourself to a coffee out, new nail polish or some you time to relax and appreciate life.

Suggestion Four: Tell somebody 

Telling someone your goals holds you more accountable. If you don’t want to tell family and friends just yet then don’t worry, find a community, there are tones out there! Communities are supportive and help you grow and achieve your goal, plus you get to motivate others too which I find highly motivating in itself! Just go online, Instagram, Twitter etc and find a community to help you get to where you want to be.

Suggestion Five: A sticky note

This one sounds a little weird I know, but trust me it isn’t. Writing down why exactly you want to achieve a goal and the goal itself on a post-it note and sticking it everywhere you will see it, will drive home the importance of this intention and help you stay a little stronger.

Step Six: A check box

I like this one, and I have found it quite helpful throughout my life. Say if my goal is to drink 8 glasses of water a day, in my diary, or somewhere I am going to look daily, I have a little checkbox, so at the end of every day if I have completed my goal for the day I tick it off, I love at the end of the week when I can see all those ticks. It is also a great way to easily spot a pattern, you may find you tend to not drink enough water on a Friday, so you can be more mindful and start to change this around.

Step Seven: The Pound jar 

If you’re motivated by money this may be a great one for you. Have a jar, make it pretty or just leave it alone, the choice is yours. Stick a label on with your goal written on it. (Include the why too) Every day you knock your daily goal out of the park, pop a pound coin in the jar, and watch the pounds mount up over the year, then at the end of the year or when you achieve your goal you have a cheeky little stash of pounds to spend on what you want!!!! Happy days!

Step Eight: Be reflective 

Being reflective is an excellent way to keep motivated. I will be going more into this in the following weeks, but for now, I will say this, being reflective helps us grow, it helps us achieve our goals, it helps us understand ourselves a lot better. We can see where we have done well and where we may need some help. Being reflective really helps with true changes.

Step Nine: Be positive 

This to me is very important. Stay positive and be positive. Journeys are long and hard, and if you have started one it’s because you want to change something in your life for the better, don’t let impatience ruin this for you. Also be positive, instead of saying, oh I only lost a pound (come on! It’s not only! Well bloody done you! You rock star!) say, FUCK YES! I lost an entire pound, I am so happy and pleased with myself, this wasn’t easy, and yet I did it! I am so proud of myself! If you fall a little short of your goal or don’t hit it, don’t worry, don’t berate yourself for it, there is always next week, remind yourself of this, remind yourself it’s a journey and there will be times where you cannot meet your goal, but don’t worry, you got this, and tomorrow is a new day filled with new and exciting opportunities for you to get a little further to that goal of yours. And darn it, give yourself a pat on the back for trying anyways.

Step Ten: Get some help

This is sometimes what you need, a little helping hand, turn to your friend, family or your community. It goes a little further than telling someone your goal, you are asking them to help you, it could be something small like, could you remind me to drink more water, gosh I am feeling the need to eat chocolate but I don’t want to, well ask someone to help you with this, talk it through with them, any way you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Step Eleven: Is there an app or website

I find apps and websites great, I follow really inspiring blogs and vlogs where I can get great motivation, advice and learn a lot whilst I am there. Go and see what is out there.

Step Twelve: Meditate on it

This is kind of like reflection, except there are no words, no writing down and no thoughts, meditation takes a lot of practice, your mind is like a monkey and it will keep wandering off, you have to keep snapping it back to quietness. This takes a lot of practice and time, but like anything, you will get there. If you’re not loving this at the beginning why not go on a guided meditation video or app. The important thing is to just relax and allow yourself to not think about your goals, stress, and all the other things happening in your life for a little while.

Well, I hope you have found a trick or two to help you stay motivated, I would love to know if you have tried any, or practice any, or hey if you have some great tips too then share below!!!

Have an awesome week


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