My Minimalist Life: The Wardrobe

Hello All!!

I am pretty excited to be bringing you this post if you have read my New Years Resolutions post you will know one of my goals this year is to live more sustainably, a huge part of that to me is to not imprint on my environment in terms of adding needless waste to landfills. I am guilty of buying items I don’t need, never using or even looking at them, in six months time in a fit of annoyance from being surrounded by things I don’t use or like I binge clean and give or throw those said belongings away! 

Well enough is enough!!! Not only am I wasting my own time and money repeating this process but I am also harming the beautiful world around me. I don’t know what actually sucks more!

A big part of living sustainably is to follow a minimalist lifestyle, to purge items which I do not use, or do not bring me joy in some way. To put a spending fast on my wallet and to create more memories over buying more belongings. When I do bring something into my life I want it to be high quality, something I have saved for, something I cherish and love, something classic which will stand the test of time.

I have therefore made a minimalist game plan I will follow, I will update you as I go along and we can take this journey on together. 

The Initial Decluttering 

I will start my journey in sections first getting rid of those items which no longer serve a purpose, I will do an initial decluttering, those items I have not used in months, those items I don’t like anymore, or the items from a life I thought I wanted to live. I will give these items to charity shops in a hope they will go to a good home.

I will do my initial decluttering in stages, starting with my wardrobe. Here I intend to keep 50 items including bags and shoes. In order to properly minimise my wardrobe in a way which will suit my lifestyle, I will need to write a list of where I spend my time, using this list I can curate a wardrobe to suit my lifestyle. 

Next, I will declutter the kitchen, giving to charity the items I have not used in around six months. I will also take stock of my cookbooks. Now this area may be a little harder for me for two reasons, I love to cook and by extension love anything to do with the kitchen. Secondly, another of my New Year’s Resolutions is to hone my cooking skills and become a better cook. 

I will next go through all my makeup, beauty products and anything else relating to this area. I will find this section fine as I do not tend to overbuy makeup and beauty products. I rarely wear makeup so I don’t own too much, instead, I concentrate on my skincare, I do have a bit of skincare but I use 99% of the items in my cabinet.

After this, I will sort the rest of my clutter out, electronics, paper, stationery, books and other miscellaneous items. 

My aim is to create a space where everything has a place and everything is used regularly. This initial declutter will take me a few weeks I imagine, I aim to do an area a weekend. I will give myself one month for this phase and will promptly start in January.

The Spending Fast

I will put a complete cap on bringing anything new into my home. I can spend money but this can only come in the form of creating memories, such as going for a meal, taking myself out to coffee this kind of thing. I am not allowed to buy a new pair of jeans or buy some form of kitchen gadget. Instead what I will do is make a list of all the things I wanted to buy, I will add some additional information such as the costing of this item, and if the item I wanted was the best quality, so I will search for the better quality item. I am going to put an initial three month spending fast in place.

The Living and Review

I will spend the next month reviewing how I live, keeping an active journal of my thoughts and feelings, taking stock of what I miss. I will also use the costing diary to see how much I would have spent. I will see if I miss not having those items I would have bought, and imagine how if at all not having this item has affected me and my life. 

I also want to keep track and note of my lifestyle, where my goals are taking me and the actual life I lead as opposed to the life I wish I led. This review process will coincide with the above two stages and I will do an all-round review at the end of the initial three months.

Secondary Declutter

This decluttering is going to be a more tailored declutter. I am going to use my journal to understand how I actually live my life and anything which does not coincide with how I actually live my life will go to a charity shop. I will also take stock of anything I am deeply needing, has not having something affected my life? If so I will allow myself the pleasure of purchasing this item. I do have a few rules in place here, I have to research and find the best quality I can afford. It cannot be a throwaway piece. I can only buy one of the items if there are multiple that I need. A second item can be purchased after the next three months.

The idea here is to force me to face my reality. I, like so many people, can get caught up in how I wished I lived, this wishful thinking can lead me down a path of buying all the trapping for this fantasy when in reality I will never use or need these belongings. I am hoping to repeat this process until not spending, and only bringing in items which are essential to how I live is my habit.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve how we live, or who we are, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a certain way, but there is something wrong with buying and hoarding for a life we don’t live. Only to throw these items away and then repeat the process. If one of these fantasies comes true then I can release some funds into this dream, but only whilst I have been living it for a certain length of time and it has become a part of my life. 

Well, this is my initial step, I am going to dive into this with an open heart and mind and give it my all. I will keep you updated as the process evolves. In the meantime have an amazing day! 

I would love to know if you live minimally or are in need of a good decluttering? If so, how do you tackle any obstacles?

Love Me xxxx

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