How To Set An Intention

It’s that magical time of year again, I look forward to this so much, I hope you do too! It’s the clean slate time!!! (Que a marching band, streamers and balloons!!!) Hurrah! It’s a time to reflect on the year gone by, or hell just forget it!! (No judgement here! I have forgotten a few years myself 🙂 hehe) It’s a time to set new intentions, re-motivate, and to be bad ass girl bosses!!! (Even if it is only for 21 days hehe!!) But don’t worry you got this! This month I am dedicating a few of my posts to goal setting, reflecting and motivating to help you, and me! Stay on track and kicking ass all year round!!

So lets get cracking! Firstly, I like to start by saying, rather than looking at this as setting a New Years resolution, look at it as setting an intention. I find setting intentions are easier to stick too, they are less daunting and quite frankly a more powerful tool! So let’s set our intentions!

Take The Time

This should not be done in a nano second, take this as some me time, sit down when you have a few hours, get yourself a nice cup of tea or a cheeky glass of wine (hey your intentions have not been set yet hehe) and get thinking about how you want your year to go, what to do want to achieve? What will make you happy by the end of the year if you managed to achieve it?

I want you to really visualise what you want, don’t just say I want to lose weight, or being a dress size smaller will make me happier, this to me is nonsense! If you have said over and over again every year you want to lose weight and never have lost weight, then perhaps it’s best you take a different approach! That intention is clearly not motivating enough for you, its clearly not worth sticking to.

Really hone in on what will make you happy! If you have children, will running around with them, and being with them throughout their life, seeing all their amazing achievements like finishing school, getting married, and having children be more important to you than say smoking or drinking? If so make this your intention!

Your intention has to be powerful, it cannot just be a few words strung together with hope they may one day stick. Get brutal with yourself! Really reflect on what you want, and steer clear the old and burnt out New Years resolutions, the ones that never quite made it to the completed stage. If you want to lose weight, that’s great, but you have to attach deeper meaning to this, why do you want to lose weight? The want to just be skinnier is not always the right motivation, I know it isn’t for me. Remember this is the most important part of setting intentions, so make sure you spend the time thinking about it.

Now Put Your Intention Into Words

Don’t keep this intention locked away inside your head, you will never hold yourself accountable for it! Write it everywhere, have a copy in your diary, have a copy on your phone, stick a little note on your fridge! Anywhere you spend a lot of time! Add your intention everywhere.

I like to add my intention onto a few bookmarks, I read a lot so adding them to a bookmark for me is great, I also keep one of my bookmarks in my Diary so I know where I am up to and I can see it on a daily basis.

Spread The Word

This is optional, but it has been said, by telling people of your intentions you are more likely to stick to it, personally this doesn’t work for me!! But, it does work for a lot of people. Let’s get on with sticking to those intentions!

So get setting your intentions! This is not to be underestimated, it can be a hard task, so give yourself time, be honest with yourself, and remember you may feel shitty now thinking through all of this, lots of harsh questions come up, but that’s great, by accepting this process you can work towards achieving your intentions.

Next time I will be looking at prioritising your goals, you have a bunch of intentions now you need to prioritise them. In the meantime why not share some of your intentions below? I would love to hear all about your intentions below! So please feel free to share! 

Have an amazing week guys!!!! 


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