Happy New Year Plus My New Year’s Resolutions

Hi All!!

So, last year my goals went sort of ok, one of my major goals was to finish part of my garden and to pass my degree. I accomplished both of these. I also wanted to run an ultra marathon, this didn’t go so well, I underestimated the sheer amount of work the garden and dissertation needed, I just did not have the time to build up a solid running routine. I also discovered I don’t think I want to run an ultramarathon right now, it’s a goal of mine and will remain one until I complete it, but at the moment I just want different things.

So this year I have a few goals I want to accomplish, I am very excited for these goals and I don’t find them daunting, I know these are the right goals for me this year, and here they are.

Living A More Sustainable Life

To me this entails living a minimal life, I want to reduce the amount I add to landfills. I plan on doing this by implementing minimalist surroundings and going on spending fasts, only buying quality products and items, and only allowing a spend once every three months after some serious review of what I need and do not need or what I miss.

I already compost food waste, recycle paper and plastics and cans etc, but I want to ensure I do this a lot more. I also use natural cleaning products but once again there are things like toilet bleach I want to look at. I also want to look into cleaning tools like sponges to see if there is anything else out there I can use instead. 

I want to grow my own veggies and only buy loose veggies in the supermarket using reusable bags. I want to pretty much do little things like this across the board over the course of the year. By the end of the year I want to increase my sustainability by 25% and have implemented long-term sustainable living solutions which are easy and maintainable.

I plan to take you along on this journey with me, hopefully together we can reduce our waste.

Getting The Structure Of My Extension Up

This is somewhat out of my control in terms of weather and getting in trades. I want to ensure I am on top of trades, and have a well thought out plan and approach to the build. All plans including architectural drawings have been submitted and revised. We are just waiting for the final approval on the building control plans i.e. what type of insulation will be used etc. 

Practicing Daily Meditation

I have been adhoc meditating during this year but I want to really up this and start with a daily practice. I have gotten an app called Balance and it’s a great little tool, I will be starting at three mins and slowly building this up. By the end of the year I want to be spending 15 minutes per day meditating everyday. For me this is very reasonable and a great time scale to work on.

Incorporating Three Sessions Of Yoga Per Week

Ideally I would love to practice yoga daily but whilst I have a lot going on I am committing myself to three practices per week and seeing how that goes. I want to keep track of this with a gratitude/yoga journal, again ideally I would love to write in this journal daily but at the moment I cannot quite commit to a daily plan, so for me three days a week is a great start.

Learning Sketchup

I want to learn this so I can better plan my home. The decor, kitchens and bathrooms will be implemented in 2022 so it gives me a year to learn this software. I want to learn it so I can get the plans, locations and design right from the offset. I can tinker for a year with how I want the house to look. I have had a play around on this software and its not too hard to learn, I therefore plan on spending one hour per week at the weekend learning and playing around with this software.

Start Learning Japanese

I was meant to be going to Japan this year but due to Covid obviously this didn’t happen, hopefully next year will be my year 🙂 I would love to have a little bit of the language behind me before I go. I plan on spending two hours at the weekend learning this language and spending one hour in the week cementing what I have learnt at the weekend. By the end of the year I am hoping to have enough behind me to order some drinks, know how to be polite and how to get around.

Become A Better Cook

I love to cook and cooking is my hobby. I am already a really good cook, I want to expand my cooking skills, I want to bake items I have never baked before, I want to master cuisines from around the globe and I want to be able to plate like a pro. By the end of the year I am hoping to be able to chop like a professional chef too. I think being able to quickly whip up a hearty and healthy meal using fresh produce makes staying healthy and sustainable a lot easier.

So these are my goals, I am excited to get started on them. What are your goals for this year? 

Over the course of this month I will be discussing goals, staying motivated and review processes in order to better help you and I to achieve our goals, I look forward to seeing you soon.

Have an amazing day!!!!

Love Me xxx

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