Don’t Forget To Destress After Christmas

Ok, Ok, So we have already talked a lot about de-stressing and staying stress free, but now really is the time you need to focus on you, so this will be the last de-stress post for a while I promise, just remember to take some time for you!!!

Christmas can be a highly stressful time for you, running around, cooking, present buying and wrapping, thinking about everyone else and not putting any effort into self-care, at the end of the day your far too busy. I can understand, but now, here in January, is the time for you to sit down, relax and start looking after yourself and recouping from such a busy time of year. This is when you can reflect, recharge and re-energise. This article will have lots of tips and ideas in to help you get back to yourself quickly, positively and in a fun and relaxing manner.

As much as well all love Christmas its also nice to have such a chaotic, over indulgence and budget busting time behind us. This means January is a time to relax, save some pennies and generally take care of our own wellbeing. Our own wellbeing can get a little lost during Christmas time leaving us a little fraught. I thought I would write this post and share with you my top tips for relaxing on a budget, hopefully you will feel better in no time, I know I always do 🙂


Yoga is one of those magical practices, we can never be arsed doing, but once we have sat on the mat and thrown around a few shapes we feel more grounded and relaxed. The great thing about yoga is you can do it absolutely free, just jump on YouTube and type in yoga and so many videos come up. Maybe try typing in relaxing yoga for a nice easy flow. My favourite channel is this.


Meditation can be infuriating, your mind bouncing around from one thought to the next, but there are many types of meditation, some where you sit and try and concentrate your thoughts onto nothing, some meditation which incorporates flow full moves, or my favourite well wishing meditation, by where you actively use your mind during the meditation practice. My firm favourite is Metta Meditation. During Metta Meditation you will sit on a mat or chair, or even lay down, don’t forget this is your practice, the aim is to be comfortable. When your in a comfortable position start to wish kindness and love to everyone in your life, even people you don’t particularly like, but when you are wishing people kindness and happiness really mean it. Once your done, wish happiness and kindness to yourself, slowly bring yourself back around and bobs your uncle your done. 

I love this kind of meditation, its less annoying for beginners, I become very content once I have practiced this type of meditation and I feel very loving, it just pops me in a great mood. 

Nature Walk 

Walking is just amazing, walking out and about in nature is just plain wonderful. There is something so relaxing being out and about in the fresh air, listening to the sound of the wind in the trees, or a babbling creek. I love to walk without music, take a book and a picnic find a quite spot and have a little read. You don’t even need to be out in nature for long for it to have a wonderful effect on the mind and soul. Just 10 to 20 mins I find is instantly relaxing, so if you cannot spare the time for a lovely long walk, just go for a shorter one. 

Home Spa

I love a good face mask, a file of my nails and a light lunch. When I create an at home spa experience I like to go all in, you don’t have to, you can sit down with some relaxing music with a face mask on, or you can…

  • Pop on some classical music 
  • Prepare a light lunch and pop it in the fridge – a nice salad with some chilled cucumber water, or fruit with yoghurt.
  • Gather everything you will need and place it in little stations – I roll out my yoga mat, get my nail station ready and my facial station ready.
  • I do a spot of really light yoga, focusing on digestion and relaxation 
  • Next I like to start my facial, I wash my face, tone it, I then place a face mask on
  • Whilst my face mask is on I like to file my nails, soak them and trim back the cuticles and paint on a nail strengthener and add cuticle oil
  • I will then take off my face mask, add serum and moisturiser on whilst giving my face a little massage
  • I like to finish the session off with my light lunch and a cup of herbal tea and cucumber water

Perfect!!! This is my perfect home spa, but you can create yours however you like. The best thing is this can be as cheap as you like, you can even create a face mask out of ingredients you have at home. I never spend a penny as I have everything in.

Lie In or Nap

Have a lie in or a little mid-day siesta, sleep is so vital to our wellbeing and happiness, so why not take some zzzzzz’s! I like to every so often have a Sunday lie in, my husband will then bring me a coffee when I start to stir, I then love to read in bed with my morning coffee. I find this whole process very relaxing, it centres and distresses me completely. I tend to read something which doesn’t require focus, like a light fiction or a magazine, something I can just mull over. I also occasionally love a cheeky breakfast in bed too!!! 🙂 

You Do You

These are all only suggestions and ultimately people relax in different ways, you may love some of these suggestions or you may hate them, relaxing to you may be spending an entire day watching TV, reading a book or listening to music, going for a run or a cycle out somewhere. Whatever your relaxtion is make some time to do it, even try something new, you never know you may love it.

Well I hope you find the time to relax and distress ready for a wonderful start to 2020, and as always have a wonderful day!!! I would love to know what relaxes you!! Let me know in the comments below, I love trying new ways to relax!

Love Me xxxx

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