16 Healthy Ways To Spend Christmas Eve

Yeyyyyyy!!! We have made it to Christmas Eve!! One more sleep until feasting and fun! Pigs in blankets, turkey, potatoes, lashings of gravy and as much chocolate as you can handle! With all this good stuff coming your way some of you may want to spend Christmas Eve being a complete health goddess! I wouldn’t blame you, it makes those wonderful Christmas Day treats that bit more special! Does being a health goddess mean you need to be boring or spend the entire day crying over uneaten cake? Hell NO!! This is my list of things you can do to enjoy your Christmas Eve in a healthy and meaningful way.

Have A Zoom Call With Friends

It’s a weird time and for a lot of us seeing friends and family just isn’t an option, so why not arrange a zoom call? This is a wonderful way to see everyone together ensuring our soul is soothed this Christmas.

Drink Sparkling Water In A Wine Glass

A bit of a weird one I know but trust me it works, when my husband is having a drink and I want to feel like I am also drinking but not really wanting to alcohol I buy some flavoured fizzy water, some ice cubes and some fruit to decorate and pop it in a glass I would usually drink alcohol in. This way I feel like I am having a nice drink without the addition of the booze!!!!

Make A Health Challenge For Friends & Family To Join In

This is a great way to spend some time with friends and family whilst also keeping healthy. Set a challenge everyone has to try and complete that day, set up a WhatsApp group so everyone can keep in contact throughout the day. The challenge can be anything from 20,000 steps, to going for a run and doing some yoga, anything you can think of, make it challenging but enjoyable.

Make Some Healthy Treats

Sometimes we reach for chocolate and crisps because they are to hand and easier to get to, why not swap this around? Pop your calorie dense treats somewhere out of reach and pop your nutritionally dense treats to hands. I have a great recipe here for some super yummy Christmas energy balls! Whip up a batch of these (which is quick and easy) pop them in the centre of the fridge and nibble when the mood takes.

Have A Movie Night With Some Popcorn

I love a good movie night, I especially love a good movie night with my husband! I also love to add popcorn to my movie night, I always opt for sweet and salty and my husband and I share it. I always feel like I am at the movies, and the great choice of popcorn is its low in calories and great for digestion, so it’s a win win as far as I am concerned. Just stay clear of the toffee popcorn! I know I know! It’s magical stuff!

Enjoy A Hike With A Picnic

I love walking a lot, I love a challenging walk, or a simple walk around the block, I think there is a place for all types of walks in life, so why not add a walk to your day? If your off work this can be a great way to get you out of the house and away from the kitchen cupboards. You can also bring a lovely packed lunch with you, find a nice spot and admire the view. If you’re working then why not choose a walk to and from work, or simply after work? Grab your family and off you pop into the fresh air. Then once done you can all clamber in front of a beautifully warm fire.

Have A Little Pamper Session

Give yourself the treat of time this Christmas Eve and relax with a good pamper session, face masks, full body exfoliators, hair masks, pedicures and manicures. Pop on your fav movie, relax with a salad and a full day or even an hour of pure relaxation. You will be ready for Christmas Day after that.

Buy Some New PJs

This one is my absolute favourite and somewhat of a tradition. Since I was a child I have always received brand new pj’s on Christmas Eve. Now I am away from the family home it’s a tradition I love to keep up, nothing feels better than brand new pj’s. So take yourself shopping and buy the best ones you can afford, then go home, have a bath or shower, wash your hair and get ready for those beautiful new pj’s.

Wash Your Bedding

This is a must in my house, it doesn’t even seem like a chore on Christmas Eve! It probably should, but it just doesn’t, I love having a shower, popping on my new pj’s and sliding into freshly washed bedding!!!! Heavenly!! It’s such a simple task but one that brings a lot of joy.

Enjoy A Glass Of Wine

Yes we are trying to be healthy but one glass of wine (providing its not a trick whole bottle glass hehe!) during a very special time of year is perfectly fine. No guilt please, just enjoyment.

Play Christmas Songs & Dance Like A Loon

Random yes, enjoyable very. Playing Christmas songs and dancing like a loon is so fun, it brings me fun and laughter and ultimately isn’t this what we should be doing on Christmas Eve? Laughing and having fun.

Enjoy A Little Bit Of Prep Work

Christmas Day can be very hectic so why not take some of the load off the day by prepping some stuff, you can cook the turkey if you choose, or simply prep it and pop it in the fridge, set the table that night, marinate the prawns and so much more. Make a list of everything you need to do on Christmas Eve and have a look to see what you can do the night before. Spending an hour before you go to bed or in between having popped the kids to bed and relaxing, or just before you relax can be great, plus it takes a little chaos out of Christmas Day.

Do A Spot Of Star Gazing

I love star gazing, my most remembered experience was on my honeymoon in New Zealand 2 years ago, we were high up and there was no light pollution at all, the night sky was breathtaking, I have never seen anything like it before. You can star gaze in your garden or take a little drive out of suburbia and just take in the view (hopefully it will be a clear night so this is an option).

Buy Some Sparklers

This is just fun isn’t it, grabbing some sparklers and waving them around without a care in the world. I don’t think I need to explain this one! 🙂

Cook A Healthy Christmas Eve Menu

If like me you love to cook this one may sing to your heart, spending some time thinking of a healthy Christmas Eve menu, prepping and buying ingredients and then executing the meal, YES!!!! I could do this all day. You can make it nice and special, healthy doesn’t mean boring and flavourless, so take some time to research and take even more time to prepare and cook the meal, the extra time will be worth it.

Open A Small Christmas Eve Present

I have never personally done this but I can see the appeal. Buying and opening a small present for Christmas Eve can be wonderful, it can be something you do after your special dinner, it just brings a little bit of early excitement and can make this special time last longer.

To me Christmas Eve can be an extension of Christmas Day, and being that Christmas Day seems to go by in the blink of an eye its great to make Christmas Eve just as special.

There are so many ways you can enjoy a wonderful Christmas Eve without indulging in lots of chocolate and calorie dense foods, trying one or even a combination of the above will surely make your Christmas Eve special this year, and hey so what if you decide to indulge, enjoy it, don’t feel guilty and what’s more relax and embrace the love from all especially yourself.

How do you spend your Christmas Eve? Do you have any magical traditions? I would love to know in the comments below.

Have a great day!!!!

Love Me


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