My Super Healthy Vegan Christmas Energy Balls

I love Christmas and the season of eating I also love trying out new and healthy recipes to help keep the enjoyment up and the pounds off. I am going to share with you my favourite Christmas Energy Balls recipe, these little delights are fun, nutritionally dense and better yet super yummy!!!

The best thing about these is you can do so many different things with them too! Don’t like something? Not a problem, swap it out! What’s more….THEY’RE VEGAN!!


150g Dried pitted dates

50g Flame raisins

40g Goji berries

100g Mixed nuts

20g Cocoa powder (if you tasted the mixture and want more just add some more)

7g Baobab powder

15g Flax seed powder

50g Agave (or any other liquid honey)

50g Chocolate chips – dark is preferable 

1 tbls Valencia orange extract


Add the dates, agave, ¾ of the mixed nuts, all the baobab powder, all the flax powder, all the cocoa powder and the Valencia orange extract to a blender or food processor and mix until combined – you don’t want a paste, you still do want some bits in there so the balls are not mush, but they do need to hold the other ingredients.

Place this mixture in a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients, stirring until combined.

Take small amounts of the mixture, (this does depend on how big you like them) and roll them into bite-sized balls.

Once you have balled up all the mixture, place in the fridge or freezer and consume!!! I love placing mine in the freezer, the raisins get lovely and chewy and the mixture is nice and cold too, and it takes a little bit longer to eat one.

Well, that is my recipe for super Christmassy chocolate orange energy balls, so please do enjoy them!! What’s your favourite Christmas food? I would love to know in the comments below!

Have a great day!!!

Love Me


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