Review of Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

A nice little review for today’s post! If you caught my mochaccino recipe you will know I am a huge fan of hot chocolate, it’s so warming and lush! Whilst I don’t drink one day in day out I do drink one weekly, and when I drink one I want it to be the best, I want it to be beautiful, and I put a serious amount of effort into this. Call me the hot chocolate nerd!

This complete love of hot chocolate has seen me purchase the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, this is quite an expensive purchase for essentially only having the ability to make one type of beverage, so I wanted to put it to the test, and also experiment with what you can do. This blog post today is all about the Velvetiser, my review, my tips and my hacks.

Purchase Date: Date it was released – 2018

Model Purchased: Copper Edition (My purchase came with 2 beautiful ceramic mugs, a sample pack of hot chocolate and also a cotton bag)

How Often Used: This really does vary – I use it a lot less in the summer as I tend to prefer cold drinks at this time of year. On average I would day a handful of times a month. I usually make one for my husband at the same time.

How Much Does It Hold: Enough for 1 cup – if you fill to the max fill line you will make the perfect amount for your ceramic mugs it comes with.

How Easy Is It To Make Multiple Drinks: You have to make each drink individually and the process takes a good couple of minutes so for this I would say it’s quite annoying. I couldn’t imagine making any more than two drinks.

How Hot Is The Drink: This isn’t too hot, it doesn’t boil the water as a kettle does, I can drink my beverage about a minute after it has been made.

Can You Use Plant-Based Milk: I only ever use whole milk, semi-skimmed milk or plant-based milk, I have used oat milk, soya milk, cashew milk and almond milk. My favourites are either whole milk or oat milk – I love the Barista oat milk.

Can I Use This For Anything Else: Essentially you are warming a beverage and mixing it, I have used this for other types of drinks, not anything like tea or coffee but its great for matcha teas, I also love using the Pukka Latte ranges in my machine. I haven’t really experimented past this style of drink as I only drink espresso from my Sage or loose leaf teas from a strainer.

How Does It Look: Beautiful! It looks expertly crafted, I adore having it out on the show, my styles have changed so I wished I purchased the Charcoal Edition, but otherwise, it still looks stunning. I love giving it a quick polish up and it just looks amazing in its own rights. The handle is chunky, none of the elements feels flimsy and it feels like it will stand the test of time.

How Does It Work: Perfectly! It does what it does. There are no complex elements involved so there is very little that can go wrong. It works as it should work, it makes beautifully smooth and wonderfully drinkable hot chocolate.

Has It Ever Failed: No, never.

My Overall Opinion: I really love this little piece of kit, is it extravagant – yes, will it be worth you buying – that’s not for me to decide if you make hot chocolate once a year then probably not if you love the drink and make it religiously throughout the winter then potentially it’s worth the purchase. Can you get something similar for cheaper – yes, is it as beautiful – probably not! The thing is only you will know if it’s worth your money, for me it’s been worth every penny, I no longer drink hot chocolate out and for that point alone it has paid for itself including the cost of the sachets. I love the treat through winter and it perks and lifts my mood instantly.

For a great article on the health of hot chocolate from the masters themselves Hotel Chocolat

I hope you enjoyed this post, do you own a Velvetiser? If so what are your thoughts? Any top tips for using this little puppy?

Have an amazing day!!! Love Me


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