Super Yummy Homemade Mochaccino

Well, today’s blog is wonderfully quick and absolutely delightful!! I adore hot chocolates and I adore expresso, so when some genius decided to pop them together they essentially created life! 🙂 This blog will share with you my perfect mochaccino recipe!! I hope you enjoy!!


You can swap out whole milk for a plant-based version if you are vegan or lactose intolerant.

If you don’t have an expresso machine use the best quality coffee you can, the better quality the coffee the better the drink will taste.

If you don’t have a Velvetiser (review to come) then use a milk frother, if you don’t have this then hand whisk your milk.

Using proper chocolate is none negotiable. Never use powdered hot chocolate. This is a treat drink so using the best is essential.


1 sachet of Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate – in milk 

1 cup of whole milk

1 shot of espresso (about 36g in total)

Marshmallows (for sprinkling)

Grated chocolate (for sprinkling)

Additional Options

You can make this boozy by adding a shot of something yummy like a chocolate liquor.

You can also add whipped cream instead of marshmallows to your topping – I use marshmallow because I cannot stand whipped cream, well cream in any form really.


Nothing beats a proper espresso

Pull a shot of espresso.

Whilst that is pulling in your Velvetiser add your hot chocolate sachet followed by your milk, switch on and allow it to work. (If you are making hot chocolate in the traditional matter; on a stovetop bring your milk to a simmer, add the hot chocolate sachet and continue to stir until chocolate has dissolved into the milk, you will know this is done when it looks like hot chocolate liquid and there are no lumps of chocolate)

In a cup add your shot of espresso, on top of this add your hot chocolate and stir.

Now time for the toppings – add your marshmallows, I love to add colour to mine so with my culinary blow torch I scorch the marshmallows. Once this is complete sprinkle on your grated chocolate.

Get those yummy topping on!

Sit down, pop on a movie or your fav TV show and enjoy!!! Or simply read a book, or gaze into your garden with a blanket! So many different ways to enjoy!!

Well, I hope you enjoy my recipe, as you can see it’s pretty simple! Have you ever made proper hot chocolate? If so do you prefer it to the powdered stuff? Let me know in the comment box below, also let me know any extras you love to add to your hot chocolate!!!

Have an amazing day!

Love me


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