Staying Sane Through Tiers

Well, Tier 3 for me! I must admit this whole pandemic situation is getting me a little annoyed, I know, it shouldn’t, but! Enough already. I haven’t seen my friends for almost a year, I haven’t seen my family for almost a year, I haven’t been out for a drink, or a coffee, to the movies for almost a year, and my end of year holiday which I spend an entire year looking forward to and planning has obviously been cancelled.

I know I am not the only one to feel like this, to be feeling fed up with it all, so I will share with you what I have been doing in order to stay sane through it all!!!! It’s very simple and can be done at any time!


I know, simple isn’t it! Every time I am a little glum and fed up I think of all the things I am grateful for, here is my list:

My Husband

This little fellow of mine has kept me incredibly sane through all of this, he has been my rock and my everything. This time has brought us so much closer together, more so than we have ever been, it’s nice to relax and be with my best friend through this entire saga.

My University Work

This finished in August, but having a dissertation to concentrate on for so long was bliss, the not going out and socialising sort of went with the completion of my dissertation anyway, so having an excuse to stay and not keep saying no to plans was a real help. I finished my university studies strong and I am very grateful for this time.


Physically my health, my husband’s health, my family and my friend’s health hasn’t been affected by this pandemic, whilst there are a few mental health issues, physically speaking everyone is good. I think mental health can be a struggle in these kinds of times, I think its good to know there are others out there also suffering, staying strong and being open and asking for help when needed is vital throughout this time.

My Garden

I started a little allotment in my garden this year, and actually landscaped my garden too, this project is still ongoing and is providing my husband and I some great time to get cracking on with all the jobs we need to do within the garden, we have finished 1 third of it and are almost through the second third of the garden works, this is a great feeling. My allotment and greenhouse cheered me up a lot this year, it’s amazing how tending to a few plants, flowers and veggies can lift the spirits.

My Pod

Before we moved into our studio pod we lived in a half torn down house, daily this was dusty, freezing, tools and materials everywhere, it was unpleasant and until moving down into the pod, incredibly harmful to our mental state. Now we live in this dust-free tiny little haven we are so happy, it’s amazing what a difference waking up warm makes! 

There are lots of other things I am also grateful for but we would be here all day, the thing about positive outlooks and thought processes, once you start you just keep rolling, so why not sit down and carve out a little time to make a grateful list, when you are feeling down, sad, anxious or anything else, you can look at your list and know you have so many things to be happy about.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to know what you are grateful for! Why not let me know.

Anyway, have a great day and see you soon


Published by empowerviahealth

I believe in the empowerment of women through looking after the mind, body, and spirit. I am an advocate for pushing equality, women's rights, and choice for all women! Together we are stronger, together we can change the world!

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