Yoga Diary: Initial Post

So ,a big part of this blog is keeping track of my yogi journey, therefore, once a week or once every few weeks I want to pop up a diary post of what I have been up to and what my journey has taught me thus far. This is the first post of this kind so I guess I will figure it out as I go along.

I am currently in Chatham down south, sat in a Starbucks, (I would have preferred to be sitting in an independent coffee shop but this is my lot, sometimes you have to take what you can) I have just finished the book The Eight Limbs of Yoga by Stuart Ray Sarbacker and Kevin Kimple, and sipping some lovely peppermint tea. It is a rare opportunity I have the pleasure of just sitting in a coffee shop and reading or writing. What a lovely experience, this is something I want to bring home with me back to the north! This rare opportunity inspired me to write my first piece.

I decided I wanted to start 4 mornings a week off with a little yoga, I have settled on Monday-Thursday. These sessions are mainly 30 mins but if I am pushed for time I will shorten these to range from 10-20 mins. Let me start off by saying what a difference these sessions have made. Physically the recovery after my lunchtime runs is great, I used to suffer from sore hips and knees but my body feels like it belongs to a whole new person. This has helped my mobility no end and I am so grateful I have started this practice. Keeping my body moving is very important to me, I am trying to look to the future a little more, I want to be a fit, healthy and mobile 80 year old and I know yoga will be the major player in this.

Secondly, I think what could quite possibly be the major change is the impact its having on my mental wellbeing. The mental headspace I am gaining is wonderful, I feel calmer and more collected, ready to take on the world but in a very serene manner. I am naturally a morning person and quite chilled out, but man! I never thought next levelled chilled out was even possible! I feel as though my mental capacity has risen too, my mind is sharper and keener than it previously was. Don’t get me wrong I am still tired in the evenings and lacking cognitive strength, but my mind in the mornings is raising the bar. 

I haven’t really self-reflected yet and I would love to carve out a little time and space each week dedicated to self-reflection, maybe asking myself a difficult question to answer, or simple sitting down and automatically writing something, anything, or even a little poetry to match how I am feeling. Perhaps taking some time out to draw a little, I find drawing incredibly therapeutic.

Well that is it for the time being, a short first diary post but something I am hoping to slowly evolve with, not necessarily get better at, as diary writing and being contemplative isn’t something which your good or bad at, I think its just something which evolves with you the more you do it. Like yoga, your not bad at yoga, your journey just deepens and evolves. 

Does anyone else keep a diary? Or do you have some time carved out for self-reflection? If so what do you do? Well I hope you have an amazing day!


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I believe in the empowerment of women through looking after the mind, body, and spirit. I am an advocate for pushing equality, women's rights, and choice for all women! Together we are stronger, together we can change the world!

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