How To Practice Self-Love

So, today’s post is going to be one of love, making time to love ourselves is incredibly important, so I am dedicating this post to a little bit of self love.

Self love can come in all manner of forms. It can be positive thinking, a good old pamper session, a shopping trip with your girlies, or a hard core bake off with nobody but you. Whatever your poison this post will serve to help you implement some self love!

Step One: The Mirror 

This is an old concept, this is nothing new, but I feel a lot of people could be served well from it. Too often we look in the mirror and see all the things we just don’t like about ourselves. All this is does is give us bad vibes and a super downer about ourselves! WELL NO MORE!!! Get in front of that mirror and explore all those wonderful things about yourselves. This can be tricky at first but with a little practice and a sheer determination you will soon start to believe about yourself what I already know…you are beautiful, you are wonderful, and without knowing you or ever seeing you I could pinpoint handfuls of amazing things about you! 

Step Two: Meditation 

Sitting with your thoughts and feelings is very therapeutic. I like to practice a letting go exercise! I allow myself to think of something that has hurt me, made me sad, or angered me. I allow myself to feel the anger or sadness, I allow myself to understand why it made me feel like that, and then I allow myself to let go of it, I allow happiness and serenity to wash over me. Its ok to feel sad and angry, what is not ok is letting it fester. Letting negativity feed and breed makes it snowball, it makes you feel worse, and it affects your surroundings, and those around you, it affects how you see the world! So give yourself the time to feel and understand, even come up with a solution to ensure it doesn’t happen again, or how you would like to deal with it next time it happens, but then let go. I understand some things are not that easy to let go of, so work on it, or if you are struggling then seek professional help.

Step Three: Yoga 

Soooooooo, yoga is not for everyone, but it’s great for the soul! If you’re used to running around after kids, or the only workout you love gets your heart pumping, or you thrive off stress, or perhaps you don’t but stress just seems to exist in your life then yoga really is a great tool to have to help with the stress! I adore YouTube sensation Yoga with Adriene she has videos for just about everything, they can be quick or long whichever you prefer! This lady seriously makes yoga a wonderful thing to do! So just lie back and let the calm wash over you 🙂 

Step Four: Be positive 

Like I said above negativity breeds negativity. This is in all facets of life and not just body image. Constantly complaining you have too much work, you hate your job, your boss is am idiot, your so stressed out, only serves to stress you out further or bring negativity into your life. Positivity is paramount to being happy! I am not saying you can never have a little whine, in fact I think this can be good for the soul, what I am saying is do not let it consume you. Let light, positive words and feelings consume you.

You may notice you have a lot of negativity around you, this can also be overwhelming, especially if your trying your hardest to be positive! I love the good old saying “Your tribe is your vibe” So attract some positive people into your life, speak to those close to you, tell them you are struggling and that you want to be more positive and need their help to do it. A good friend will help you with this and join the journey with you.  

Start by waking up in the morning and saying what you are looking forward too, be present in moments you are enjoying, do you love your morning coffee? Well switch off your phone and really enjoy it. Whatever you love to do enjoy and be present in that moment 

Step Five: Get Active 

I don’t mean go for a super intense HIIT session!!! Oh no!! What I mean when I say get yourself active is go for an amazing walk! Check out some nearby or even further afield, get your trainers or walking boots on, get a picnic in your bag and go for a walk! No matter the seasons! Living here in the North West of England if we chose to only walk on a hot summer’s day, we would be waiting all year long! So take any opportunity you can get and go for a walk! Get a thermos of hot tea or soup in the colder months to keep your soul cosy.

Step Six: The Food

Self love is a time for looking after yourself, not only mentally but physically! You’re riding the positivity wave, your walking up a storm, now all you need to do nourish your body with soulful foods! Do make them on the healthier side, but do make them naughty, make them cosy! Hot stew over roast potatoes, tray bake wedges with fish and peas, or a wonderfully buttery steak sandwich! Whatever is soulful and comforting to you, make it. 

Step Seven: Hydrate 

I love to stay well hydrated when I am looking after myself! Drink plenty of water, herbal teas and even something fermented such as Kombucha.

Step Eight: Sleep

This is the all important task! Go to bed early, have a lie in, sleep for hours and hours. Do what you need to do in order to rest and recover! Sleep is so vital and so important to life and feeling at your best.

The most important thing you can do is look after your mind, body and soul. You may not be able to dedicate a full day, and that is ok, maybe you spend 30 minutes in the morning before running around after your children to do a little yoga and create a positive mindset, this alone will work wonders and help no end!!! 

How do you like to love yourself? I would love to hear!!

So have an amazing week! I hope to see you again next time!


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I believe in the empowerment of women through looking after the mind, body, and spirit. I am an advocate for pushing equality, women's rights, and choice for all women! Together we are stronger, together we can change the world!

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