Do You Need A Morning Routine?

The ever sought after morning routine, filled with relaxation, self-reflection, wholesome exercise, reading and anything else you can fit into your morning to make you a better version of you. The pursuit of the perfection morning routine see’s us disregarding who we are, see’s us painfully getting up at an obscene hour of the morning in order to fit all these wondrous activities in, and quite frankly I am sick of seeing preppy 21 year olds post YouTube videos filled with the same B rolls all designed to show you how perfect their mornings are and how imperfect ours are.

Now, full disclosure I am naturally a morning person, I go to bed at 9.00 because I actually cannot stay awake past that hour and I naturally wake up between the hours of 5.00-6.00am. I am writing this post for two reasons, the first is I believe people should stay true to who they are, there is nothing wrong with wanting to change and be a better person in some form or another and in whatever way that means to you, so if you think getting up at 5.00am will make you a better person then discard this post and move on.

The second reason was due to a conversation I was having with a work colleague, we were discussing waking up in the morning, she confided she wished she could wake up as early as I did, but she just cant get out of bed in the morning, she said, every morning she sets her alarm clock for the time she wished she could awake, presses snooze and goes back to sleep. I told her…

“Who the fuck cares what time you get up in the morning? You do you!”


It really is not doing her any favors to be setting her alarm clock, pressing snooze and going back to sleep, in fact that highly confusing for the body and mind. You see when you press the snooze button it wrecks havoc on your system, you hormones go a little haywire, your melatonin, cortisol, serotonin and dopamine begin to rise, as a result your body doesn’t regulate its hormones properly throughout the day and you feel exhausted throughout. This also messes up your hunger hormones making you hungrier throughout the day and can also lead to sleep drunkenness, which can impair decisions.

So what if she just got up without pressing the snooze button? She would feel miles better right? Well, no, not really, you see, when we wake up too early (for ourselves) it naturally makes us tired if this is not natural to who we are, this can create a slump throughout the day. It could potentially create sleep deprivation if you are not getting the right amount of sleep for yourself. A study at the University of Westminster found early rises can contribute to higher levels of stress throughout the day. Not listening to your body can be sabotaging your peak performance hours. For instance my peak performance hours are around 6-10am. Being a night owl could mean your perform better at around 5-9pm. Forcing yourself to get up early means your still too tired to perform at your best in the morning, but because you haven’t had the right amount of sleep you can perform at your peak when you usually did.

We all have genes which naturally decided when we should be getting up and going to sleep, our sleep cycle is actually built in to who we are. A few years ago I got my DNA tested via the DNA Fit website, it opened my eyes up to some thing I didn’t know about myself, but it also confirmed what I had already expected. As I got the full analysis it told me about my sleep DNA, you see depending if you are a morning people and night people have a different gene, and yep you guessed it, I had the morning person gene.

So, I guess this blog is me telling you to stick true to who you are, don’t feel like you have to be someone your not just to get out of bed an hour earlier, this could be having some bad side affects on your mental and physical wellbeing, even though there are some great advantages to getting up early, which you can read a pretty interesting post on a different website should you want to read I shall link it here. Sometimes you just have to screw the so called advantages and stick true to who you are! You be you! Your pretty awesome anyway! 5.00am start or not!

I hope you have an amazing day! So are you a night owl or a morning person? Have you ever tried to create the perfect morning routine? If so, what does that look like to you?


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