Mindful Running

A magical and wonderful thing happened to me this week! It may not seem so magical when I tell you what happened BUT trust me the results were amazing! Are you ready…I forgot my headphones on my lunchtime run. OK, so I can feel your confusion, and its warranted, its weird I know, so let me explain…

Three times a week on my lunchtime I go for a run, I sit at a desk all day long, working away underwriting insurance policies, so I need a break from the office and from work in general, so I run. Simple enough, so, why did forgetting my headphones create a magical life altering moment?

Well, every time I run I put my headphone on, I jam out to music, I love music and it’s the only time I get to listen to it, plus it helps me run, or so I thought. I was initially dreading my run music free, I almost cancelled but I chastised myself and got out there on the open road. The beginning of the run was a little strange, getting used to moving my feet without a beat, listening to my own breath, hearing the sounds around me, the roads the birds, and not being in my own head. When I listen to music it transports me to memories, future events and fantasies. Not having this music allowed me to be present.

I never thought I would enjoy a run without music, but I enjoyed it very much, I could hear my breath and know when it was becoming too quick, I was able to extend it and realign. Not being in my own head I was able to enjoy the greenery around me, the trees, flowers, the birds tweeting. It was odd being so present in time, but something which will stick with me and something I want to practice more of.

Up until that run I thought I understood mindfulness and what it was to be present in the moment, in reality all I understood was the concept of being mindful and present, the theory as opposed to the practice. It allowed me to understand I am rarely present, but more importantly understanding a concept is far different from practicing a concept, I need to take my nose out of the books and practice what I am learning, this allows me to really understand and deepen my understanding.

I would love for you to do the same, go for a run or a walk without music, without distraction, leave your phone in your pocket and just take in your surroundings, what do you smell, what do you hear, what do you see, how are you feeling. Be there in the moment, see if you notice a difference or see how it affects your mindfulness living/understanding.

I hope you manage to get out and about, and have an amazing day

Have you ever had a forgetful moment turn into something amazing? Let me know in the comments below!


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I believe in the empowerment of women through looking after the mind, body, and spirit. I am an advocate for pushing equality, women's rights, and choice for all women! Together we are stronger, together we can change the world!

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